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Editor’s Picks of the Week – Breitling, NOMOS Glashütte and Seiko

Balazs Ferenczi
Oct 10, 2018
Editor’s Picks of the Week - Grand Seiko, Breitling and A. Lange & Söhne


The authors of the Chrono24 Magazine hand-pick the best watch offers on Chrono24 – from affordable daily drivers to famous watch icons and exceptional collector’s pieces.

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This week’s offers:


Daily Drivers: Great Watches for Under 5,000 Euros

Breitling Colt Automatic


Every watch lover makes a game out of figuring out who is wearing what watch. Any time they are out and about, they try to identify as many watches on people’s wrists as they can. Whenever I played this game and spotted a Breitling, chances were very high that it was a Colt – especially while I was living in the UK. While the Navitimer is Breitling’s bread and butter, we’d be remiss to forget about the Grenchen-based brand’s other collections. The Colt has been around for a long time as a time-only watch and as a chronograph, with a mechanical or quartz movement. It has always represented simplicity among other more complicated Breitling models and serves as an alternative for anyone looking for a both Breitling and something relatively simple. This Colt from 2017 on a cool, black textile strap is a perfect example. It features a large, unmistakable Breitling bezel, a 24-hour scale, and comes with its original box with papers. What more could you want from a Breitling Colt for around $2,000?


Enthusiast’s Corner: Rare or Exceptional Timepieces

NOMOS Glashütte Club Handaufzug

NOMOS Glashütte Club Handaufzug
NOMOS Glashütte Club Handaufzug – Offer from Juwelier Ralf Häffner: SOLD


NOMOS markets the Club as a watch for any occasion. Whether you’re in a business meeting, playing sports, or enjoying your free time with friends, a Club will almost never look out of place. While the version with a California dial has a more distinct look, those with only Arabic numerals (like the one here) are great-looking timepieces that pair as nicely with casual clothes as they do with evening wear. The large numbers and crown lend it a bit of a military feel. At the same time, the long lugs and curved case help soften the Club. The relatively small 36-mm case also adds a certain vintage touch. The Nomos Club 36 is a special timepiece with a great movement and a very attractive price tag.


Iconic Timepieces: Great Value for Your Money

King Seiko 5626-7000T


Seiko fans have all probably heard the story of the internal rivalry between the Grand Seiko and the King Seiko. This healthy competition led to not only one but two amazing model lines. While Grand Seiko timepieces became so popular and of such a high quality that Seiko eventually split into two separate brands, the King Seiko kind of disappeared from the limelight and had become all but forgotten. That was until recently when collectors and watch fans alike began paying more attention to Seiko. It’s safe to say that the Japanese brand is now more popular than ever, which has had an effect on vintage pieces like the King Seiko. King Seikos are exceptionally well-made watches with high-beat (sometimes even chronometer-grade) movements and are still undervalued compared to Grand Seiko models from the same era. They’ve already achieved icon status among fans, but now it’s time for the whole watch community to acknowledge these marvelous timepieces. If you love vintage, you need a King Seiko.


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Balazs Ferenczi
By Balazs Ferenczi
Oct 10, 2018
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